Turn Over A New Leaf


Autumn 2012 has arrived. Leaves are changing, cooler days are ahead and football is in full gear….change is upon us.

Autumn is the perfect time for me to evaluate my professional plans. Have I reached the goals I set out for myself this year? How can I improve my professional and personal relationships? What do I need to change to build my business?

As I get older, the years seem to be moving faster. Operating at a high speed is normal operating procedure for me, especially when it comes to building my business. Recently I was made aware by a couple of colleagues my pace has caused angst with some who help support my business efforts. This was feedback I needed to hear.

I can’t think of a better time to, “Turn over a new leaf” than the first day of autumn. I need to slow down more often, show more gratitude and ask for feedback from those on my team; this starts today!

How have your plans been going this year? Do you need to make a change?