Principles To Live By


“Principles to Live By”

Over my years of living I have had my share of ups, downs, accomplishments, mistakes, successes and failures. I have been a student of life with mentors along the way. I have read self improvement books, listened to personal development audio tracks and attended numerous motivational seminars.

When I turned 40, I reflected on my experiences and determined the key to living a successful and fulfilled life was to live by three simple principles:

  1. Be Grateful
  2. Give Back
  3. Be Yourself

Being grateful for my health, my family, the relationships I have developed with others. Giving back to a cause I feel passionate about and to others in need of help. Above all, being myself – no shenanigans, just keeping it real.

Ever since I embedded these principles in my everyday life, I have been more fulfilled, more energized, and happier. Today, I speak of these principles to my daughters in hopes of reminding them of the simple principles it took me 40 years to figure out to be successful and fulfilled in life!

What principles do you live by? How have those principles helped shape you to the person you are today?

Giving Back
As you get older, you realize that the more you give, the more you usually get. When you're young and don't believe that you have much to offer, it's hard to put yourself into a giving mode. It's important to find creative ways to give.
(July 26, 2012 ~ 11:58 AM)
By Mark Cenicola