Decisions, decisions, decisions


Have you ever wondered how your life would be different had you made that other turn at the fork in the road of life? How would your life be different? Would there be any change in your relationships?

Early in my corporate management days, I was presented with the opportunity to relocate to Detroit, Michigan for a promotion and a 25% increase in pay. With a young family, an increase in pay is always attractive. I decided to commute for four months to test out the area and position. Leaving my hometown, and just as important – my wife’s hometown, plus being with a company on shaky ground did not excite me enough to make the move. I turned it down and left the company. Six months later, that 500 million dollar public company, filed for bankruptcy. I dodged a bullet!

I have made many wrong decisions through my life, as well. The important message I have learned, though, is to make the decision. Not making a decision is worse than making the wrong decision.

My key message in this entry is to push you to make the decision. If it is a good decision – celebrate! If it is a not-so-good decision, learn from it and make another decision to correct it. Either way, don’t beat yourself up too much. Accept it, relish in the fact you made a decision; your wisdom and relationships will benefit.