Change is a Sign of Life...Start Living!


Change is not easy and many avoid it at all costs. Some will say the only constant in life is change and you cannot grow without change. Why then, do so many avoid change? Do you avoid change?

The other day I welcomed the Golden Gate Casino into the Century Club that I created for businesses in Las Vegas that are over 100 years old (Cragin & Pike and the Las Vegas Chamber are the other two in the club). This casino has collectibles at their property of some of the first telephones ever used in Las Vegas.

This made me think about the change that the sales profession went through after the telephone was invented. Sales people could enhance their business relationships, have another way to make introductions and take more orders in a given day because of the telephone. The fax, cell phones, email and social media have now come into play. Each communication method has had change and presented a growth opportunity to communicate with customers. If a sales person avoided the cell phone and email, do you think they would be able to succeed in today’s competitive environment?

My key point is to be open to change, embrace it, and become a change driver to maximize the opportunities with change. You can’t grow personally and professionally without it. Change is a sign of living life!